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2019 MT Conservation Menu

The Montana Conservation Menu is a list of available programs for different conservation needs, and the contact information for those responsible for the programs. The Charles M Russell Wildlife Refuge Working Group produced the first Conservation Menu in 2016, and was due to be updated with new programs and contacts. Thanks to the support of the WWF-Sustainable Ranching Initiative, and a Healthy Watersheds Consortium Grant, that made the 2019 Conservation Menu possible. The 2019 Montana Conservation Menu contains sample scenarios to help landowners decipher which program might be best for them, based on their own conservation needs. This is an incredibly helpful tool for landowners, land managers, and agency and NGO personnel to understand what conservation programs are available in Montana.

Download a digital copy here, or you can visit to see the listed programs.

Hard copies are available, contact Casey, MRCDC Coordinator, at 406-454-0056, or





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