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Exempt Water Rights Claims Workshop Series

There will be several meetings hosted by conservation districts around the area to discuss the following:

  • Exempt Claim filings in detail
  • Consequences of loss of priority date
  • How to search for previous water rights fillings
  • Resources to complete claims forms
  • What to expect from a consultant

Meeting Locations and Dates:

Fort Benton – 1:00 pm on 1/22 Community Bible Center

Malta – 6:00 pm on 1/23 at the Malta Business Center

Glasgow – 1:00 pm meeting on 1/23 Court Room, Valley County Courthouse

Lewistown –  4:00 pm on 1/25 at the Summit on Aging Building

Winnett – 12:30 pm on 1/26 at the Methodist Church

Jordan – 5:30 pm on 1/26 at the Summit Corral

Circle – 10:00 am on 1/27 at the Ag Days

Please contact your local conservation district for more information on meeting times and locations.

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